We’re KB Packaging. We are Packaging Experts.

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We understand that packaging forms a vital part of your business logistics.

We use our expertise to advise customers on the most effective and efficient packaging solutions for their specific requirements, ensuring your goods arrive in despatch condition.

We have a range of packaging solutions to meet your needs

For advice on the best products for your packaging needs, ask our expert team

We also offer a free audit service to review your current packaging materials, equipment and processes and ensure you have the most efficient and cost-effective packaging and processes in place.

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With a huge range of products always in stock, you can be confident of having the supplies you need, when you need them.

KB Packaging services: A real point of difference

Exceptional Customer Service

Our great service is delivered by an exceptional team that genuinely cares and regularly goes the extra mile to solve our customers’ problems.


You are the experts in your business. We’re experts in packaging. Together we can ensure your packaging is one thing you don’t need to worry about.

Account Management

Our dedicated account management team works with customers to ensure their current and future packaging requirements are managed as efficiently as possible.


We welcome the opportunity to find improved solutions for your everyday packaging needs. We work closely with our suppliers to identify the latest developments and innovations in packaging design and materials.


Not every packaging requirement can be met with a standard product. We can design and deliver bespoke solutions for any product, regardless of material, size, shape, weight or fragility.

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Please feel free to contact us with any queries or requests. We’d love to hear from you.

An insight into how we work

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“The KB Packaging team are always polite on the telephone and the deliveries arrive when we’re expecting them”


Cliff, Warehouse Manager

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