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April 2018

Would you KBelieve it?

In 2015 the European Space Agency approached KB to see if we had a suitable packaging material to allow astronauts to take cheese into space.

ANSWER - Don't Believe it!

When it comes to transporting chilled food we do have some fantastic packaging solutions available. For everything else we have Spacefil; a paper void fill system that's a great alternative to loosefill and means less mess and less waste. Of course, we're still working on how we can help the space programme, but isnt the moon made of cheese anyway?

And would you KBelieve it, we will have an online loyalty points offer throughout April 2018 on Spacefil.

If you order a small roll of Spacefil (KBSF375-SMALL) you will receive 50 loyalty points and if you order a large roll of Spacefil (KBSF375-LARGE) you will receive 100 loyalty points.