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January 2018

Would you KBelieve it?

Every day we help get the freshest crabs and prawns in Scotland to fish markets all over the UK within hours of being caught.

ANSWER - Believe it!

Our KB Gel Ice Packs help to get "quay side fresh" crabs to Canterbury and prawns to Peterborough....and anywhere else you care to mention! The Gel Ice Packs keep the catch chilled for longer over bigger travelling distances and, being lighter than the traditional method of packing with ice, we're helping save money on distribution costs too.

And would you KBelieve it, we will have an exclusive offer throughout January 2018 on our KB Gel Ice Packs.

For new customers only we will be offering free delivery for orders placed on our KB Gel Ice Packs throughout January based on a minimum order quantity of a pallet.