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Pallet Wrapping Machines

We've got pallets well and truly wrapped

At KB Packaging we take pallet load stability very seriously. That's why we have a strong range of pallet wrapping machinery available for purchase or rental.


Spinny Range

Starting at the entry level "Facile" semi-automatic wrapping machines which are simply "plug and play" with intuitive controls, we supply right up to high performance power pre-stretch and standard core break turntable machines with fully variable programmes to ensure that any scenario is covered.

With a variety of mast heights and turntable diameters available, we can help you achieve an optimum wrap on a low and heavy pallet right up to a tall, unstable euro pallet. Other accessories such as pallet truck access ramps are also available from KB Packaging.

Coupled with the right pallet wrap film such as Nano pallet wrap, your savings can be huge! For more information on our nano pallet wrap please visit www.kbpackaging.com/Products/Nano-Films

Alternatively, we can offer self-propelled Robot wrappers which are designed for use in a busy operational environment where it isnt practical to wrap a pallet in the one location only.


Orbitwrap Range - Stretch to a better deal!

The Orbitwrap range of pallet wrappers makes pallet stretch wrapping simple and effective.

Now there's never been a better time to buy an Orbitwrap power pre-stretch or standard core break machine from KB Packaging.

Orbitwrap provides durable and reliable performance, day in and out and features simple to use controls. If you are looking to save time, reduce material usage and provide a constant wrap for greater load stability, then Orbitwrap provides the solution.


FREE Pallet Wrap analysis service

KB Packaging offers a complementary pallet wrap analysis service which provides recommendations specific to your operation, based on site trials and our experience in the marketplace.

For more information on our pallet wrapper range or for technical advice on load stability please contact our friendly sales team at KB Packaging on 0115 944 1600.


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