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September 2018

Would you KBelieve it?

We're building a special robot pallet wrapper for robot wars.

ANSWER - Don't Believe it!

Our robot pallet wrapper is, of course, a great piece of kit. Superbly engineered, it avoids using a forklift to move a pallet by allowing the wrap to be easily taken to the pallet. Simple! That makes it a winner, but as for taking on robot wars, we'll leave that one for now.

And would you KBelieve it, we will have an exclusive offer throughout September 2018 on Oscar, our robot wrapper.

This power pre-stretch robot pallet wrapper is available for £7,900.00.

Oscar's got an ability to wrap up to 320 standard pallets on a single charge, but he's equally happy running around oversized pallets up to 2.1m tall. Putting it simply, he's versatile. Take him to the pallet wherever it is on your premises and he'll deliver the load stabilty that you need, quicker than you can say "facile avvolto".