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KB Packaging is delighted to introduce a brand new adhesive tape dispenser that performs so much better than the conventional dispenser. ZEROTAPE® is unique, and ergonomically designed to make sealing packages so much easier and comfortable for the operator. It’s much lighter than conventional dispensers and requires less force, which means the days of aching wrists are gone. It features a ventilated handle and a rugged housing which makes it a joy to use. Plus, with the unique roll core design, it’s no longer possible to insert the roll of tape incorrectly: it only fits one way, saving you time and effort.

Check out the amazing benefits of ZEROTAPE®:

• Ergonomic design - relieves strain on the wrist, requiring 75% less wrist extension

• Scientifically proven to reduce repetitive strain injury by up to 20%

• 25% lighter than conventional dispensers

• Special roll core only fits one way - simply clicks into position

• 160 metres of tape on each roll

• 3 x less roll changes means 3 x less storage space required

• Plastic cores can be recycled

• Ventilated handle, rugged housing, quiet dispensing

• Easy blade changes thanks to click-in system, safety serrated blade

For more information on ZEROTAPE® please click here to download our mailer