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Hand Pallet Wrap

KB Packaging stock the KB Palletmaster, Megastretch Plus and E-Stretch brands of hand pallet wrap.

The Megastretch Plus films are manufactured with a performance enhancing additive, designed to increase strength, reduce thickness and thereby packaging weight used.

Within this family, the pallet wrap is produced by two methods; blown or cast and is offered for light, heavy and extra heavy duty applications. The product range is divided into clear, black and blue film (for the food industry) with the option of a flush or extended core.

Additionally, KB Packaging can offer E-Stretch pre-stretched films. This process is done during manufacture to increase the film strength, improve load stability, reduce waste and make application effortless.

Finally, we stock handywrap mini rolls of pallet wrap for small boxes or bundling awkward items.


What is the difference between cast and blown film?

Cast and blown films are manufactured using different methods to create two types of stretch film with individual characteristics.

A cast film is recognised as a clear film with a high gloss. It has a quiet; virtually silent unwind from the roll (one side cling). Easy to stretch this film has a good puncture resistance, but a low film memory once stretched.

A blown film in comparison is hazy until stretched and noisy when unwound from the roll. It has a double sided cling (sticks to itself). Blown films have a very good puncture resistance with a high holding power. This type of film is suitable for pallets stored in cold environments.