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Hand Strapping

KB Packaging has a full range of hand strapping materials available with a choice of plastic (polypropylene), woven polyester, extruded polyester and steel strapping.


Tenso is our premium brand of plastic (polypropylene) strapping which is ideal for strapping parcels, bundles and pallets.

Narrostrap is our premium brand of woven polyester strapping which is as strong as steel, but is 6 times lighter. An ideal product for the timber industry.

Tornado is our heavy duty extruded polyester strapping which can be applied with manual, battery powered or pneumatic tools.

Our strongest form of strapping is steel strapping. Available as ribbon wound or oscillation mill wound coils. An ideal product for the building industry when securing bricks and concrete.


For each type of strapping we supply a variety of tools including buckles, seals, tensioners and sealers. If you're new to strapping we even provide a plastic (polypropylene) budget starter kit which has everything that you need. To see our strapping tools and accessories please visit:-