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Disinfects and sanitises environments, objects, surfaces and fabrics through ozone.

Disinfects and sanitises environments,objects, surfaces and fabrics through ozone.

Ozone allows you to sanitise any space in a short time, in absolute comfort and with high performance. Furthermore, it ensures hygienic-sanitary conditions in compliance with EEC regulations.

How it works
As soon as ozone comes into contact with an organic matter, an oxidation and sanitization reaction is immediately triggered, eliminating all living Microorganisms!

Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen atoms (O3) and has the great ability to oxidize and disinfect.


  • Disinfects without additives and chemical detergents, exploiting its natural oxidizing force.
  • Shortly after use, the ozone delivered turns back to 100% oxygen without releasing traces and any toxic or chemical residues.
  • Thanks to its weight, higher than the air, ozone is able to penetrate deeply without damaging surfaces, objects and fabrics with which it comes into contact, reaching points that a classic cleaning or washing would not be able to reach.
  • Eliminates bad smells such as smoke, kitchen or animal odours thus making the environment fresh and odourless. It not only covers them but neutralizes them completely.
  • Sanitize water bodies in small quantities and food.



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Qubozone-10 Air Sanitiser

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