Nano Stretch Film: The Future of Pallet Stability

Nano stretch film is a type of plastic stretch film that has been engineered using nanotechnology to create a thinner and stronger film. Here are some of the benefits of using nano stretch film: Increased strength: The nanotechnology used in nano stretch film enhances the strength and durability of the film, allowing it to stretch […]

Keeping Your Packaging Up To Date With The Latest Trends Is Important For Several Reasons

Staying Competitive: By keeping up with the latest packaging trends, you can ensure that your products stand out on store shelves and online marketplaces. If your packaging is outdated, consumers may perceive your brand as old-fashioned or behind the times, which can harm your sales and market share. Meeting Customer Expectations: Consumers are increasingly looking […]

The Importance Of Health & Safety In The Workplace

The importance of health and safety in the workplace cannot be overstated. There are several reasons why workplace health and safety is critical. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is crucial for both employers and employees. Workplace accidents and injuries not only cause physical harm but can also result in financial and legal consequences for […]

Packaging for a Greener Future: How the Packaging Industry is Embracing Sustainable Solutions

The packaging industry plays a crucial role in our daily lives, protecting products, enabling transportation, and enhancing consumer experiences. However, the environmental impact of packaging, particularly single-use plastics, has become a pressing concern. As awareness about environmental issues grows, consumers and businesses alike are demanding more sustainable packaging solutions. In response, the packaging industry is […]

Packaging News Article

Read our article featured in the Packaging News magazine July/August edition. We are providing eco-friendly solutions and providing advice on how easy it is to switch to more sustainable packaging solutions. Our Invictus Nano film manufactured using 30% recycled content is the latest innovative eco-friendly product to be added to our ever growing sustainable product […]

Invictus 30% Recycled Content Nano Film

Invictus Nano Wrap   Nano films made up of multiple layers, they are very strong and very thin. Nano machine film is a popular choice because it; lowers the cost per pallet wrapped, reduces your carbon footprint and has exceptional load stability. The Invictus 30% recycled Nano machine pallet wrap is a film that has […]

Create an Unboxing Experience

Hex honeycomb paper

Making Protective Packaging More Diverse Ecommerce is an industry growing at pace; it is more important now than ever to be sourcing packaging products that consumers want to receive, and paper is power in the current consumer market, with its environmental links it is associated with. Do you have a green ambition within  growth and […]

Delivering aid to Ukraine

KB Packaging have been working with the RRT (Rapid Response Team) and operation 322. An operation which is providing support to those in need and affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Operation 322 is delivering emergency food and personal care suppliers to all of those in need. These include non-perishable food supplies, care kits containing […]

KB & Sedex, Making a Difference to Business

With consumers actively sourcing brands to work with, that they can be sure provide social, sustainable, and environmentally safe conditions of work and within production. We want you to be reassured and ensure we source materials ethically and sustainably, we have subscribed to Sedex, a world leading organisation dedicated to improving the ethical and responsible […]

How To Wrap A Pallet, A Nano Wrap Study

About the client: Our client is an expert in providing extra value to supply chains, they cover; warehousing, freight forwarding, customs brokerage and export packing. As is the same with many businesses in the current economy and climate they were looking to reduce their carbon footprint and plastic usage and create more efficiency and cost-effective […]


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