Bubble Wrap With 30% Recycle Content

Bubble Wrap

Alternative to corrugated cardboard – we have seen price increases of up to 30% and lead time have gone out to 10 – 12 weeks. We have never seen lead times and price increases like this and it is very challenging to be able to fulfil our customers’ requirements.

A direct replacement for corrugated rolls would be our 30% recycled content bubble wrap – we supply it on 100m rolls and currently have good stocks on all sizes.

Over the years the pricing has shifted and 30% recycled content bubble wrap is now considerably more cost effective than corrugated cardboard – as well as being lighter and more cost effective it is also fully recyclable.

If you would like to trial it as an alternative, please contact our sales team sales@kbpackaging.com.

Download Bubblewrap

You will have seen that lead times and prices have increased on many consumable products across many industry sectors.

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