Anti Fatigue Stretch Wrap System

Improve speeds and efficiencies with the BOLT hand stretch film dispenser! Combining pre-stretched nano film with an ergonomic design allows for fast, consistant and strain-free pallet wrapping.

Eliminate backward walking, back strain and dizziness with the easy-grip handle. The easily adjustable torque control produces consistent, high-quality wraps every time. Pre-stretched nano film speeds up roll unwind which can be applied with minimal effort, reducing fatigue, improving operational efficiencies and speed.

Features and Benefits

Enhanced Stability & Superior Hold

The Invictus hand dispenser is the solution to pallet wrapping consistency. Operators are able to wrap pallets quickly and efficiently. The dispenser means you only walk around the pallet, and without having to apply manual tension to corners, unlike with other dispensers on the market. 

Easy Film Installation & Tension Adjustment

It is simple, quick and easy to install a new role of film, unscrew at the top of the dispenser, Change or load the film, and screw back on. Located on the top of the dispenser is an adjustable knob, depending on how tight you need the film to be, turn left or right. Being able to adjust the tension is a huge advantage, it allows you to get the most from your film and ensures stability during distribution.

Anti Fatigue & Injury

A significant advantage of using the Invictus hand dispenser is that it has a lower impact on your physical wellbeing. The design means no more bending, stretching, and you can walk forwards around the pallet. Standard hand wrapping dispensers can cause friction burns, the Invictus dispenser won’t.

Superior Stretch & Strength

Loaded with our Invictus hand pallet film, a thinner and stronger film, manufactured with nano technology this 7mu film is high performance and manufactured with 30% recycled content, while retaining all the benefits of high quality stretch film. 

Transport & Logistics Safety

Stretch film machinery and wrap is often a vital part of operational efficiencies. KB Packaging understands the importance of this process in your operation, that’s why we offer market-leading advice, practical machinery support and
optimisation. We ensure your pallet wrap setup is smooth running, not costing you more than it should, and most importantly ensuring safe and secure pallets in transit.

Consultation  → Advice & Optimisation →  Results

We are keen to understand your operational challenges and target improvement areas. Our audit process can reveal areas of improvement such as the efficiency of film use, pallet stability, speed, performance, and costs.

Our Planet Mission

Supporting your business with plastic reduction & sustainability targets with intelligent packaging advice, sourcing, and solutions.


Recycled Content Hand Film

Our Invictus hand stretch film is 7mu thick and contains 30% recycled material content. 

Invictus hand stretch film is a thinner film, manufactured using nano technology. this reduces the amount of plastic you use per pallet wrapped, lowering waste and your environmental impact.


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Improve Personal Operational Safety

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), or “ergonomic injuries,” can occur when a person performs repetitive motions or overexerts parts of the body like the muscles, tendons or ligaments. MSDs include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, rotator cuff injuries and lower back injuries.

Improved ergonomics help reduce the risk of injuries caused by incorrect handling. Operatives can wrap to the base of the pallet with ease. No more bending down or backwards walking! The BOLT dispenser is a game changer in high-output physically demanding environments, drastically improving manual wrapping safety. Using a high performance pre-stretched film, operatives can apply film to the pallet with little handling force. Operatives no longer have to stretch the film when applying thus reducing the risk of bodily strain. Pre- stretched film also gives a consistent wrap result and holding force every time.


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