Shrink Guns

There are many different gas heat-shrink gas guns on the market today to suit many different applications. KB Packaging stocks the Ripack brand and to help you choose the right Ripack gun for your application we have listed some of the key features of some of the other branded tools as a comparison.

The key features of Ripack are the adjustable safety gas regulator valve and the heat-diffused cold touch nozzle. 


Featuring a unique Securipack system, the Ripack shrink gun offers the highest level of safety for this type of tool.

The Securipack regulator guarantees your safety and constantly monitors the pressure in the gas cylinder and the pressure in your device. The detection of a fault causes the gas to be automatically cut off. In addition, it will automatically detect the pressure in the gas cylinder and can shut off the supply if it is not correct. Your product is protected from overheating without constraint for you or adding a pressure gauge.

Securipack ensures the pressure in your gas hose is controlled, automatically cutting off the gas flow if the pipe gets broken.

It automatically detects the pressure in your gas bottle to prevent overheating.

The stainless steel heat diffuser stays cold even when used for long periods (worldwide patent) preventing any risk of burns through direct contact with the nozzle.

ImageModelManufacturerRegulator Valve TypeNozzle TypeStoragePower ConsumptionWeight
Ripack 3000RipackVariable Safety ValveHeat Diffused Cool NozzleComes with Tool Bag45 to 80KW1250g
Ripack 2500RipackVariable Safety ValveHeat Diffused Cool NozzleComes with Tool Bag34 to 60KW940g
Ripack 2100RipackVariable Safety ValveHeat Diffused Cool NozzleComes with Tool Bag40KW955g
P/N SK-CSAShrink-itSafety ValveStandard NozzlePlastic Carry Case32KW1080g
P/N SK-CSShrink-itSafety ValveStandard NozzleCardboard Box32KW1080g
P/N SK-GOShrink-itSafety ValveStandard NozzleGun only/Cardboard Box32KW1080g
Shrinkfast 998ShrinkfastVariable Safety ValveCool NozzlePlastic Carry Case51KW997g
Shrinkfast 975ShrinkfastSafety ValveStandard NozzlePlastic Carry Case24KW1497g
RhinoShrink-itSafety ValveStandard NozzlePlastic Carry Case32KW1080g
Rafale 4065ExpressSafety ValveStandard NozzlePlastic Carry Case65KW1200g
Rafale 4040ExpressSafety ValveStandard NozzlePlastic Carry Case40KW1200g


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