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Pallet Wrap

KB Packaging quality range of nanotechnology pallet wrap is a high-performance film providing major benefits to users who want to reduce pallet wrapping costs compared with traditional films. 

These films are suitable for awkwardly shaped pallet loads and is manufactured with 30% of recycled content

The Invictus range of pallet wrap is a multilayered film designed to maximise strength and reduce the amount of packaging waste and is available in two types.

The Invictus film with 30% recycled content replaces all of the standard and power pre-stretch films reducing your carbon footprint, saving on plastic tax and reducing your cost per wrapped pallet.

Invictus™ multi-layer nano technology stretch film

Multi-Layer film

Multilayer film has been designed using, nano-technology, as a direct replacement for the standard and power pre-stretch film to increase performance and reduce the amount of packaging waste. By altering the composition of the individual film layers is has been possible to create a very thin film that outperforms a standard film and the amount of film used per wrapped pallet is less.

In addition to saving in packaging waste, there is also a cost-saving as the cost per wrapped pallet is also less.

There are two different film specs. One to replace standard film and another to replace power pre-stretch film.

Invictus™ nano technology stretch film with 30% recycled content

Lower your cost per wrapped pallet

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Plastic tax Free

Multi-Layer film with 30% recycled content

Multilayer is now available in a film that contains 30% of recycled content that really does work. Unlike some recycled products the Invictus film is manufactured using the multilayer nano-technology and the performance is equal to the standard nano films. 

With this film not only do you have all the benefits of high performing pallet wrap but you will also save on the packaging tax, reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your cost per wrapped pallet.

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Do you know your cost per wrapped pallet?

Often in the busy world of warehousing and distribution we don’t know our true cost of wrapping pallets or our efficiency levels.

Measuring this can also be a difficult task.

KB Packaging offer a free pallet wrap audit comprising of:

  • Analyse existing processes and materials
  • Demonstrate an alternative to increase efficiency, pallet stability and make savings.
  • Provide a full detailed report

From the report you will know your true cost per wrapped pallet and your increased level of efficiency.

Pallet Stability is a science not just a packaging process and there are many misunderstandings about different films.

The traditional way to increase pallet stability is to either use a thicker film or apply more. Whilst this is always an option, there are better ways to acheive the same or better results using a higher spec film and make savings.

To increase pallet stability you need to have a consistant retaining force on your pallets. This is only achieved by the film you are using. If you want to maintain a high level of retaining force and make savings then the Invictus multilayer film (nanotechnology) is what you should be using as it reduces the amount of plastic you use, increases pallet stabilty and reduces the cost per wrapped pallet.

Multilayer film (nanotechnology) is made up of multiple of layers of film with different molicular orientaions (cross linked). This means it is puncture, tear resistant and can be produced using a thinner micron than traditional films and give a higher level of retaining force.

This is the main reason why this film has been developed.

  1. By using a thinner film that is stronger you use less film per wrapped pallet.
  2. By using a film with 30% recycled content you are reducing the amount of single use plastic consumed.
  3. By using a film with a stronger retention force giving better pallet stability you are minimising transport breakages and waste in general.

No. It’s a one size fits all. Whatever type of film you are using the cost per wrapped pallet will be less.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology is the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across many science fields. One nanometer is a billionth of a meter. Today’s scientists and engineers are finding a wide variety of ways to deliberately make materials at the nanoscale to take advantage of their enhanced properties such as higher strength and lighter weight. Invictus pallet wrap is just one of the many results. 

Absolutely it will.

Not only that, there may be other machine options that could make you extra savings by stretching the film more to get more yield.

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