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Intelligent Paper Solutions

KB Packaging are continuously sourcing a more sustainable and intelligent solution to package. Our paper alternative to conventional bubble wrap and void fill, is cost effective and highly protective. It provides surface protection for fragile products and because it interlocks you don’t need to use tape.

Better protected products

Reduced breakages & 

creates a better customer experience

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80% less space when flat, 50% faster packing speed &

 easy tension no electricity required

  • Interlocking feature, no tape required
  • Surface protection for fragile products 
  • 100% recyclable & biodegradable 
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 50% faster packing 
  • Increase daily dispatches by up to 30%

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It is easily wrapped around products and the layers build up giving extra protection, as good as plastic bubble. 

It is easy to stretch and easy to tear, once you have wrapped around your product(s) simply tear the paper, and it will interlock, you’ll need no tape at all.

As well as reducing plastic usage and waste, it reduces the time taken to pack by 50%. The unwrapping process is quicker for the customer, they don’t need to remove tape, because you haven’t used any!

The paper bubble stretches to 425m.

390mm wide roll.

Use an integrated packing station for more efficiency

  • Using paper bubble wrap is even easier now with our integrated dispensers
  • Paper is fixed underneath and fed through a pair of rollers
  • Optimal height for packing
  • Design maximises usable area
  • Bench lifts up allowing rolls to be placed easily and ergonomically

Our paper packaging is 100% recyclable
Made from 100% recycled paper &
Manufactured in the UK

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