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Protega paper packaging machines and products resolve the operational challenges many industries face. We continue to source and provide sustainable paper solutions leading the way in eco-friendly packaging combined with seamless packing integration.

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The Protega protect is a unique desktop paper machine producing high volume, on demand, protective paper packaging

Intelligent Paper Solutions

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Protega Protect is a slimline machine, not much bigger than an office printer. Fitting easily into even the smallest despatch area. alternatively it can be placed on a height adjustable stand and integrated into a packing line.  One of the unique features is the paper is pre-folded, making it easier to handle than the traditional rolls, allowing the machine to be manufactured to a very small footprint.

”The Protega paper machine produces a paper cushion equivalent to the strongest on the market, but within a much smaller footprint, and with optimal use of paper”

Using a paper alternative to bubble wrap has been made even easier with an integrated dispenser. It is  housed underneath the bench and the paper is simply passed through a pair of rollers, and then dispensed into the bench. At an optimum position for packers. Due to the design the area of the bench that is used is fully maximised and efficiency is dramatically increased . Need to reload?  there is a section of the bench that lifts , allowing rolls to be placed easily and ergonomically.

Manufactured in the UK.

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