KB Packaging Partners & Brands

To give our customers the best product offering and the best service, we have partnered up with some key manufacturers in the packaging industry and introduced some of our own brands.

Robopac offers a wide range of Pallet Wrapping solutions and services for the end-of-line packaging industry: from semi-automatic wrapping machines to automatic machines, shrink wrappers and case tapers.

Ripack based in France are the leading manufacturer of gas heat shrink guns use with heat shrink polythene film.

Protega manufactures paper void fill machines and paper for environmentally friendly paper void filling.

Thergis’ comprehensive range of thermal packaging products includes gel packs, water packs, ice packs, insulated box liners, and temperature data loggers alongside our range of shipping materials including absorbent pads, paper bags, boxes, pallet wrap, pallet covers and container liners.

Our Invictus range of Nano film has more strength, stability and eco credentials, than any other film on the market. Our goal is to provide Intelligent Stretch Film Solutions that give more stability and less environmental impact.


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