Mailing Bags

A super tough, opaque mailing bag with a permanent self-seal adhesive strip. These mailing bags are ideal for mail-order items such as garments, soft goods and boxed products. Polythene mailing bags are also puncture-resistant and waterproof.

The grey mailers are thicker than some brands in the market. Our mailing bags are manufactured from a co-extruded film that is black on the inside and grey on the outside. The grey mailer co-extruded film is made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled. The grey mailers are also available without the printed safety notice by request.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a custom printed mailing bag with your company logo and details in a bespoke colour please contact KB Packaging on 0115 944 1600.

Postal Mailing Bags

Grey mailing bags manufactured from 100% recycled co-extruded film. These mailing bags are 100% recyclable. In addition to the popular sizes we hold in stock, there are many more sizes readily available as listed below. Please contact the sales team for more details.

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ImageSKURefNameSummaryBreaking StrainPriceBuyhf:att:pa_breaking-strain
Postal Bags
912MBPPCODE1Postal Mailer 229mm x 318mm S/S Lip Grey

Price per box 1000

£42.00 Ex Vat
Postal Bags
2230MBPPCODE6Postal Mailer 550mm x 750mm S/S Lip Grey

Price per box 350

£75.25 Ex Vat
Postal Bags
1724MB1724MBPostal Mailer 425mm x 600mm S/S Lip Grey

Price per box of 200

£27.38 Ex Vat
Postal Bags
1319MBPPCODE3Postal Mailer 330mm x 483mm S/S Lip Grey

Price per box of 500

£43.39 Ex Vat
Postal Bags
1216MBPPCODE2Postal Mailer 305mm x 406mm S/S Lip Grey

Price per box of 500

£34.80 Ex Vat

For advice on the best products for your packaging needs, ask our expert team.


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