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Shrink Films – Polyolefin

Centre folded Polyolefin (POF) shrink films from KB Packaging are designed to protect and enhance the sales presentation of your goods such as CD’s, DVD’s, games and stationery items.

Polyolefin (POF) shrink films have a high puncture resistance because of its incredible strength and would be recommended for shrink wrapping unusually shaped products.

KB Packaging stock Polyolefin (POF) shrink film rolls in 3 different sizes ranging from 19 microns to 25 microns. Suitable for food use.

Alternatively, we stock PVC (polyvinyl) shrink film rolls.

Shrink Film - PVC
PF450/19PF450/19Polyolefin Shrink C/Fold 450/900 x 1000

Price per roll

£92.55 Ex Vat
Shrink Film - PVC
PF500/25PF500/25Polyolefin Shrink C/Fold 500/1000 x 800 x *25Mu*

Price per roll

£110.40 Ex Vat
Shrink Film - PVC
PF550/19PF550/19Polyolefin Shrink C/Fold 550/1100 x 1000M x 19Mu

Price per roll

£111.90 Ex Vat

For advice on the best products for your packaging needs, ask our expert team.

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