Ripack Gas Heat Shrink Guns

Ripack Heat Shrink Guns

The Innovations of the world-leading manufacturer of shrink packaging

In the 1970s, the idea of covering a palletized load with a heat-shrinkable plastic cover appeared and developed in order to stabilize the load and protect it from bad weather and theft.

A few years later, Ripack was one of the first companies to launch into the design and manufacture of shrink guns. Also known as a heat shrink gun or retraction gun, Ripack tools will be the first to highlight such a high level of safety.

The current range of Ripack shrink guns covers all your needs. Safety, but also reliability and ergonomics are at the heart of our teams’ concerns to serve you better.

The Ripack 3000 heat shrink gun is certainly the most versatile on the market covers a very wide adjustable power range, can be used with an extension wand to work on low pallets or on large volumes and of course benefits from the “cold nozzle” technology which protects you against all risk of burns after using your equipment. This product is also equipped with a quick maintenance system for changing the igniter.



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Ripack Gun heat shrink systems
A pallet shrink wrap system enables you to improve pallet stability by heat shrinking heat shrink polythene hoods or film. This wrapping method is a heavyweight alternative to standard stretch pallet wrap. Heat shrink hoods or film allow you to safely secure obscure-shaped items to a pallet for shipping.

The Ripack gun is the leading heat shrink gun in the packaging industry. Ripack is the leading manufacturer of heat shrink guns, they are safe, lightweight and easy to use.

The Ripack shrink gun features a cool nozzle to avoid the risk of burning, and a large flame area to enable fast and effective application of heat.

All the Ripack heat shrink guns are supplied with a carrying case, gas hose, regulator and tools.

The Ripack heat shrink gun has been designed with ergonomic precision for a comfortable fit, it is lightweight so can be used for long periods of time and has a handy rotation nozzle and swivel connection to prevent hose twisting.

As well as this it is incredibly safe to use; the system comes with a double safety regulator to protect the appliance from overheating and to protect the user.

12 months return to base manufacturer’s warranty is included (full details printed in the instruction booklet. The warranty does not include the igniter and hose).

The Ripack systems is arepacked into a heavy-duty carry case with the following:

Ripack 2100

1 RIPACK 2100 heat gun
1 fix gas regulator
8-meter hose with crimped connection
1 swivel connector
1 spanner
1 user manual with CE certificate


Ripack 2500

1 RIPACK 2500 heat gun
1 fix gas regulator
8-meter hose with crimped connection
1 swivel connector
1 spanner
1 user manual with CE certificate


Ripack 3000

1 Ripack 3000 heat gun with built-in spare igniter
1 double safety adjustable regulator
8 metre (26′) propane-type hose with swivel connector
1 spanner
1 instruction sheet with a guarantee card


Ripack extension wands
Ripack extension wands are the perfect addition to the Ripack 3000 propane heat shrink gun. They greatly simplify the shrinking of tall pallets or large items such as shipping containers, boats and other similar-sized objects. The wands are simple to use and extend your flame nozzle, allowing users to work quickly, and easily and reach extended heights.

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