Bottle Packaging

Corrugated cardboard bottle sleeves protect fragile products. Designed to easily wrap around glass bottles and other cylindrical items, the cardboard sleeve provides robust protection during transit. these corrugated cardboard sleeves expand and fit around different bottle sizes. Designed for glass, ceramics, jars, or even small metal items, these innovative bottle protector sleeves help your delicate items arrive at their destination safely.

Bottle Sleeves

Eco-friendly protection for bottles, jars, and similarly shaped glassware. The latest innovation in eco-friendly bottle packaging solutions sleeving your product with a protective layer. The fold-down lip offers additional base protection providing an attractive eco-friendly product protection option. Works with bottles, jars, vases, candles and ceramics. The KB corrugated pulp bottle sleeve is expandable and will fit various bottle sizes and diameters. Manufactured from 100% paper pulp, the KB bottle sleeve is biodegradable and can be disposed of with regular paper waste.

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KB Bottle Sleeve 70-90mm diameter x 270mm + 30mm base fold
KBSNUG75300KBSNUG75300KB Bottle Sleeve 70-90mm diameter x 270mm + 30mm base fold

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