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Expanding Foam

A self-expanding foam in a bag creates a custom-fit cushion around your product. The Instapak Quick Foam cushions expand in seconds to create your own bespoke packaging moulds without the use of any machinery. This type of packaging protection is recommended for fragile or high-value items.

KB Packaging stock the un-expanded bags in 3 different sizes.

How to use the Instapak Quick Foam Cushion Bags

Step 1 – Press to break the seal, pat back and forth

Step 2 – Continue patting the A and B until the cushion starts to inflate

Step 3 – Place cushion inside the carton, nestle product into the cushion

Instapack Comp A Foam Drums 70 Kgs
HEM001-AHEM001-AInstapack Comp A Foam Drums 70 Kgs

Price per kg

7o kg per drum

£13.32 Ex Vat
Instapack Comp B Foam Drums 58 Kgs
HEM002-BHEM002-BInstapack Comp B Foam Drums 58 Kgs

Price per kg

58kg per drum

£13.32 Ex Vat
Expanding Foam
IQBEURT-10IQBEURT-10Instapak Bags 380mm x 460mm180/Carton

Price per box of 180

£494.04 Ex Vat
Expanding Foam
IQBEURT-20IQBEURT-20Instapak Bags 460mm x 460mm 128/Carton

Price per box of 128

£491.92 Ex Vat
Expanding Foam
IQBEURT-60IQBEURT-60Instapak Bags 460mm x 610mm 104/Carton

Price per box of 104

£613.60 Ex Vat
Expanding Foam
IQBEURT-80IQBEURT-80Instapak Bags 510mm x 760mm 72/Carton

Price per box of 72

£582.32 Ex Vat

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