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Paper Void-Fill

KB Packaging supplies paper void-fill protective packaging to get your products to their destination safely and undamaged.

Paper void fill packaging is a flexible solution that protects and cushions products during transit.

KB Packaging partnered with Protega

Eco-friendly, fast-paced, UK-manufactured paper void-fill dispenser. The Protega Machine is one of the packaging industries leading innovations and is used by some of the largest retailers in the UK.


Brown Protega Cushioning Paper 250/580mm x 300m
BPR60BPR60Brown Protega Cushioning Paper 250/580mm x 300m

Price per roll

£59.00 Ex Vat

The ‘Protega Protect’ is a unique desktop paper void fill machine producing high volume ‘on demand’ protective paper packaging.

The footprint of the slimline Protega machine is not much larger than an office printer and fits easily into even the smallest despatch area. Alternatively, it can be placed on a height-adjustable stand and integrated into a packing line.

One unique feature is that the paper rolls are pre-folded. This means that they are easier to handle than traditional wide paper rolls, this has enabled the machine to be manufactured to a very small footprint of only 635mm x 360mm and at a weight of only 50kg.



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