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Void fill

KB Packaging supplies loosefill and void fill protective packaging to get your products to their destination safely and undamaged.

Loosefill and void fill packaging is a flexible solution that protects and cushions products during transit.

Within the loosefill chips category KB Packaging stock the Fastfil polystyrene loosefill chips and the Biofil 100% biodegradable chips produced from wheat or vegetable starch.

Wood Wool Loosefill
LFWWLFWWWood Wool Bale Approx 10Kg

Price is per 10kg bale

£45.90 Ex Vat
Vermiculite Loosefill
LFVERLFVERVermuulite Loosefil Lrg Grade 100 Litre - Plain Bags

Price per bag

£45.78 Ex Vat
Loosefil Polystyrene
LFPELLFPELPolystyrene Loosefill 15Cuft Fastfil

Price per 15 CuFt bag

£23.10 Ex Vat
LFECOLFECOBiodegradable Loosefill 15Cuft

Price per bag

£22.30 Ex Vat
Spacefil Paper Void Fill
KBSF375-LARGEKBSF375-LARGEKB Spacefil 375mm x 640M

Price per roll

£74.90 Ex Vat
Bean Bag Bead Loosefill
BNBG10BNBG10Bean Bag Beads 10 Cu Ft

Price per bag

£48.50 Ex Vat

For advice on the best products for your packaging needs, ask our expert team.


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