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Polyester Strapping Extruded

KB Packaging stocks the Tornado brand of extruded polyester strapping.

This is a heavy-duty green polyester strapping that is stronger than polypropylene (plastic) strapping and is a safer alternative to steel strapping.

It does not stretch or rust and is suitable for very heavy loads. This strapping has a smooth finish and can be applied using either manual, battery-powered or pneumatic tools.

Plastic bottles are collected and sorted, recycled into PET flakes and manufactured into this 100% recyclable polyester strapping.

KB Packaging stocks Tornado extruded polyester strapping in one size. Plus, we supply all the strapping tools and accessories to re-tension your extruded polyester strapping.

Strapping Polyester 15.5mm x 1500M x 1.0mm Green
PT50PT50Strapping Polyester 15.5mm x 1500M x 1.0mm Green

Price per roll

£77.51 Ex Vat

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