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Paper Tape

Water-activated plain and reinforced gummed paper tape from KB Packaging. Strong, reliable and resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

Once applied it provides a tamper-evident seal. Any attempts to open will result in obvious damage to the carton. Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable.

KB Packaging stock both plain and reinforced gummed paper tape. The reinforced version has cross fibres for greater strength.

Manual or electronic gummed paper tape machines are also available from KB Packaging by contacting our sales team on 0115 944 1600.

In addition, KB Packaging also stocks self-adhesive paper tape in 2 roll lengths that don’t require water to activate the adhesive. The video below highlights how easy it is to use this product with a handheld dispenser.

Printed Paper Tape

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a custom printed gummed paper tape with your company logo and details please contact KB Packaging on 0115 944 1600. Special environmentally friendly water-based inks are used when printing a bespoke design.

Paper Tape
GSI6048Tape Gummed Paper Plain 48 x 200M - 60Gsm

Price per box of 30

£103.04 Ex Vat
Paper Tape
GSI6070Tape Gummed Paper Plain 70 x 200M

Price per box of 18

£127.01 Ex Vat
Gummed Paper Tape Reinforced
GSI70XTape Gummed Reinforced 70 x 100M x 70Gsm

Price per box of 16

£109.56 Ex Vat
XX00000794Tape - Brown Paper 48mm x 50M

Price per box of 36

£145.37 Ex Vat
BPTSA75Brown Self Adhesive Paper Tape 75mm x 50M

Price per roll

£3.07 Ex Vat
E Tape Buff Paper Tape Self Adhesive 48mm x 100Mtr - 50mm Core
ETK48100SAE Tape Buff Paper Tape Self Adhesive 48mm x 100Mtr - 50mm Core

Price per box of 36

£111.49 Ex Vat

For advice on the best products for your packaging needs, ask our expert team.