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Boxes Select from our wide range of boxes to suit your requirements. In addition to our range of stock sizes, with our bespoke solutions we can meet your specific size, protection and design requirements, providing the right fitment and insert option to reduce packaging, save time and reduce cost. Please call our team on 0115 944 1600 - we're always happy to help.


Protective Packaging KB Packaging now provides you with a wide choice of protective packaging. Our void fill capabilities range from air bag machines and films, Spacefil paper systems, foam in place, through to bulk fed loosefill systems. Outer cushioning includes bubble wrap, foam rolls, profiles and edge guard protection.


Tape KB Packaging offers a wide range of different types of adhesive tapes ready for you to seal your boxes or containers. Our extensive range includes the popular E-Tape brand, standard packaging tape, eco-friendly paper tape, low noise tape and pre-printed tape to name a few. Our hazard and floor marking tapes are proving popular with businesses that are now making their workplaces COVID 19 secure. KB Packaging stock floor marking tapes in striped colours to help markings on the floor stand out when incorporating social distancing measures. In addition we also supply floor marking tapes with warning messages to help make your customers more alert.

Pallet Stability

Pallet Stability You are almost ready to dispatch your goods so, to effectively finish the process, KB Packaging provides a number of solutions designed to enhance safety and stability whilst your goods are in transit. These include layer sheets for enhanced weight distribution on the pallet, pallet top sheets, edge protectors and pallet covers. We offer pallet wrap for hand and machine applications together with the full equipment range.

Bags and Film

Bags and Film Protect your product with the KB Packaging range of bags and film.


Strapping KB Packaging has a full range of hand strapping materials available with a choice of plastic (polypropylene), woven polyester, extruded polyester and steel strapping.   Tenso is our premium brand of plastic (polypropylene) strapping which is ideal for strapping parcels, bundles and pallets. Narrostrap is our premium brand of woven polyester strapping which is as strong as steel, but is 6 times lighter. An ideal product for the timber industry. Tornado is our heavy duty extruded polyester strapping which can be applied with manual, battery powered or pneumatic tools. Our strongest form of strapping is steel strapping. Available as ribbon wound or oscillation mill wound coils. An ideal product for the building industry when securing bricks and concrete.   For each type of strapping we supply a variety of tools including buckles, seals, tensioners and sealers. If you're new to strapping we even provide a plastic (polypropylene) budget starter kit which has everything that you need. To see our strapping tools and accessories please visit:- www.kbpackaging.com/Products/strapping-tools-and-accessories


Equipment        KB Packaging has a wide range of tools and equipment designed to enhance your packaging department's efficiency. Everything you need is here, but if you can't find what you're looking for please contact us on 0115 944 1600.

Your Bespoke Products

Your Bespoke Products This section contains all the bespoke packaging products specifically for your business only. If you haven't ordered from this list for a while or if the items are a special order item, please contact KB Packaging for your latest price and lead time The prices listed here are the last price you paid and may not be the current price. If there is a query we will contact you before we proceed.