E-Tape Dispensers 48mm Wide On 2″ Core

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ED2 Silent e-tape Dispenser is the must-have for all packing tape users!

The clever ergonomic design includes:

  • A retractable safety blade
  • A comfortable rubber grip handle
  • An innovative adjustable braking system
  • A smooth noise-reducing unwind bar

All to ensure a smooth application every time.

The key benefit of this e-tape dispenser is the noise-reducing bar and the soft rubber grip.

This allows for comfortable, high-volume use over extended periods while reducing the screech of unwinding tape.

This e-tape dispenser is suitable for all e-tapes 48mm wide (2″), with a length of 150m and a 50mm core.

The e-Tape dispenser saves time applying packaging tapes. Bigger capacity and higher quality tape rolls mean fewer changes and breakages.

Small core, large roll length is the E-Tape system!


E-tape was originally designed to reduce waste. This was achieved by reducing the diameter of the core from a traditional 3″ core down to a 2″ core. This meant that instead of winding 66m of tape on the roll it was now possible to wind 150m on the roll. This was nearly 3 times the amount. Having a longer roll meant fewer roll changes and a reduction in packaging.

Tape is generally packed in boxes of 36 rolls, 105 boxes to a pallet and 33 pallets to a lorry load.

Tape with a length of 66m is equal to 2376m per box, 249480m per pallet and 8232840m per lorry load.

e-Tape is equal to 5400m per box, 567000m per pallet and 18711000 per lorry load.

So for the same amount of transport and less packaging consumed nearly 3 times to volume can be shipped. This reduction in waste is a hidden fact that we don’t often think about but it all supports the green agenda and reduces the carbon footprint.


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Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg

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