Biodegradable Loosefill 15Cuft

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Biofil biodegradable packing chips (peanuts) are an innovative, starch-based alternative to polystyrene void fill. With consumers increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their products Biofil is the eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable solution.

Biofil is supplied in 15 cubic feet bags. Order Biofil now to start making your packaging kinder to the environment.

What is biodegradable loose fill made from?

KB Packaging’s Biofil biodegradable packing chips (peanuts) are starch-based. They are made from all natural products: maize grit (maize is a common crop plant), water and herbal extracts. These ingredients combine to form a spongy, polystyrene-like substance that dissolves into harmless substances when exposed to water.

With Biofil you don’t need to worry about disposing of the packing peanuts into the correct bin! Biofilm can go into general waste and they will harmlessly dissolve as soon as they get a bit of moisture.

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