Pallet Wrap 500mm x 15Mu Invictus Machine Film (16kg per roll)

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Price per 16kg roll

30% recycled content

46 rolls per pallet

£53.10 Ex Vat

212 in stock (can be backordered)





Product Information

Additional information

Weight 2.17 kg


The Invictus Nano recycled machine film pallet wrap is a new product in the industry. Very few pallet wrap producers have been able to produce a Nanofilm with recycled content that performs just as good as virgin films. But now it is available with great success. This means that the Invictus film contains a minimum of 30% of recycled material.
One of the difficulties with using recycled content in pallet warp has always been maintaining a high level of film consistency to prevent rips and tears.
The Nanotechnology used in Invictus has overcome this challenge and has a consistency that guarantees up to 250% stretch and works with most power pre-stretch pallet wrapping machines.

Additional information

Weight 2.17 kg

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