Robopac Ecoplat Plus FRD Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Weight 100 kg


The Ecoplat FRD is the most modern wrapping machine for small and medium size applications.

The Ecoplat Plus FRD turntable pallet wrapping machine has all the benfits of the Ecoplat Plus Base machine but with a more advanced control panel, with additional settings and pallet wrap options.

The FRD model has an LED jog control panel that allows very simple and easy to use wrapping functions.

The Ecoplat Plus FRD control panel is easy to use and provides up to nine peramiters for pallet wrapping, including bottom and top wraps, rotation speed, carraige speed, full wrapping cycle (up and down), single wrapping cycle (down only), single wrapping (up only), eco cycle and manual cycle.

Uses standard cast machine film up to 200% stretch.

  • Top and bottom wraps
  • Upward-downward carriage speed
  • Turntable rotation speed
  • Emergency stop
  • IP54 – protection against dust and water
  • Adjustable Film Tension
  • Fork lifting slots
  • Photo Cell Pallet Height Detection
  • Turntable Home Position

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Additional information

Weight 100 kg

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