Rotoplat 508 Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Weight 100 kg


The Rotoplat 508 is a high end semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapping machine that comes with a full turntable for wrapping pallets and products.

The PFS film carriage is a powered friction pre-stretch system up to 250%.

  • Upward-downward cycle
  • Only downward or upward cycle
  • Top sheet cycle
  • Manual cycle
  • Programable
  • Top wraps / Bottom wraps
  • Reinforce wraps
  • Programable Upward-downward carriage speed
  • Turntable rotation speed
  • Emergency stop
  • IP54 – protection against dust and water
  • Adjustable Film Tension
  • Fork lifting slots
  • Photo Cell Pallet Height Detection

Please note: Delivery and Installation is charged extra. Please contact the sales team 0115 9441600 to confirm the costs.


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Additional information

Weight 100 kg

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