Rotoplat 708 Pallet Wrapping Machine – Low Profile

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Weight 100 kg


The Robopac Roboplat 708 Low Profile Pallet Wrapping Machine has a user-friendly 7″ touch screen panel for ease of use, and a PVS (Power Variable Stretch) film carriage. The PVS system is controlled by 2 independent motors. Both are adjustable in 10% increments, via the control panel.

The stretch ratio is adjustable from 150% up to 400%.

The low-profile ramp (sold separately) offers the possibility to access the turntable from every side.

  • Easy and fast loading
  • Less force on sharp corners
  • Tighter wrapping at the base
  • Reduce damage and fewer film breaks

Please note: Delivery and Installation are charged extra. Please contact the sales team at 0115 9441600 to confirm the costs.

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The Rotoplat 708’s patented roll carriage design combined with the ultimate flexibility of CUBE Technology allows you to wrap any load with any film with complete confidence. The Multi-Level Variable Containment is optimized at each level. Containment force is adjustable up to nine (9) times on each load.CUBE Technology will reduce your film usage by 30% – 55% over currently available competitive stretch wrapping systems. It will also improve your load containment and reduce potential product damage. This ensures that your product reaches your customer in “as-made” condition by maintaining proper wrapping standards.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

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