Pallet Wrap Machine Pps 300% Powerered Pre – 1650 Dia

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Weight 100 kg


Please note this item has a 4-week lead time

The Spinny S300 is a high-performance power pre-stretch machine designed to give maximum efficiency in use when wrapping pallets. Available with touchscreen options and a variable ratio pre-stretch option. This machine offers strong operational performance to higher volume users.


  • Film carriage with 300% geared power pre-stretch.Optional variable ratio film carriage
  • Automatic pallet height detection by photocell
  • 1650mm diameter turntable. Load capacity 2000 kg.Optional 1800mm diameter turntable for oversize pallets
  • Standard wrapping height of 2100mm with options of 2600mm and 3100mm
  • Variable turntable speed
  • Variable film carriage rise and descent speed
  • Variable electrical tension adjustment
  • Programmable wrapping pattern including single wrap and pallet top sheet setting
  • 10 adjustable wrapping programmes
  • Smooth start and stop cycle
  • Optional integrated weighing scale system for 1650mm and 1800mm turntables
  • Optional access ramp with an option for 1800mm turntable ramp
  • Optional photocell sensor for use with black pallet wrap
  • 240V AC power supply

Please note that the installation of this machine will be an additional cost.


  • Easy-to-use and durable belt-driven machine
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Inbuilt locating pins for ease of transport and on-site access
  • Designed for high-volume users requiring optimum efficiencies
  • Suitable for all types of palletised goods including oversized palletised goods
  • Plugs into a standard power socket
  • Offers high efficiency in use through power pre-stretch film dispenser
  • Suitable for use with high-performance pallet wraps
  • Multiple wrap combinations can be saved and password protected on the inbuilt programmes


  • Approximately 4-week lead time


  • Access ramp
  • 1800mm diameter turntable
  • 2600mm mast height
  • 3100mm mast height
  • 4 cycle password protected programme
  • Integrated weighing system for 1650mm turntable
  • Integrated weighing system for 1800mm turntable
  • Optional access ramp for 1800mm turntable
  • Motorised Pre-stretch with variable ratio 100% – 400%


  • Power Pre-stretch film at 230% and above
  • The KB Packaging Nano range

For more information please see the downloads section below to download the Spinny Pallet Wrapper brochure.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

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