Pallet Wrap Spinney Machine Powered Pre Stretch – 1650 Dia

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Weight 0.4 kg


This is a used machine. Very good condition and only 3 years old.

Model ZERO.5 with MOTORISED PRE-STRETCH for film tensioning.

  • Rotating table with forkable base diameter 1650 mm capacity 1200 kg
  • Wrapping height detected by a photocell
  • Speed adjustment of the rotary table from 6 to 12 rpm with gradual start/stop of rotation
  • Speed adjustment of the film carrier from 3 to 5 m / min.
  • Separate top and bottom reinforcement wraps
  • Column hinged for transport


  • Double cycle
  • Double cycle with the possibility of manual stop for simple cycle execution with reset or upper sheet positioning and automatic cycle restart
  • Manually operated reinforcement wraps


Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg

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