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Suitable for all your packaging work, the Ripack 3000 is the most flexible retraction gun in our range. With a modular power, it is suitable for intensive use and has been designed to receive our extension system. It is used everywhere, and is easy to handle. He will follow you on all terrains, for pallet packing, building containment, wintering boats and the protection of large industrial volumes.

These tools are used in many sectors such as industry, construction, agri-food and transport/logistics.


Equipped with the Securipack regulator, the Ripack 3000 retraction gun benefits from the most developed level of safety on this type of tooling. Our Securipack regulator guarantees your safety and constantly monitors the pressure in the gas cylinder and the pressure in your device. The detection of a fault causes the gas to be automatically shut off. In addition, it will automatically detect the pressure in the gas cylinder and can cut off the inlet if it is not correct. Your product is protected from overheating without stress for you or adding a pressure gauge.

Securipack guarantees you a pressure control in your gas pipe automatically cutting off the gas supply in case of pipe breakage. Finally, the design of the Ripack 3000 retraction gun prevents any obstruction of the various air intakes and allows you to work in the best safety conditions.

Power45 to 80 KW
ErgonomicsBi-material handle
Weight1250 g
Guarantee10 years of parts and labour

For more performance

The Ripack 3000 is the fastest retraction gun currently on the market. Thanks to the heat pulsed by a short and rigid flame, the power is controlled. This heating quality facilitates shrink wrapping, unlike unsuitable torches with long and soft or too concentrated flames. The power of the Ripack 3000 is diffused as a fan in order to cover the largest area.

Suitable for moderate to intensive use, its adjustable power also allows you to work on smaller products or thinner films. The Ripack 3000 is the solution to your merchandise protection problems.


Thanks to its exclusive patented quick piezo change system, the Ripack 3000 retraction gun will be your best ally for intensive packaging or outdoor work.

Building containment, protection of boats under shrink film (wintering) or protection of large volumes, the simplified maintenance of this product ensures you a real autonomy. The piezo igniter is a wear part, present on all products on the market. The real difference with the Ripack 3000 is to be able to change it without tools, without disassembling your product and with the assurance of having the backup piezo embedded on your device (housing your piezo spare in the custody of the device).

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