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The Turbopack retraction column is the ideal solution when the speeds are too high. Beyond 150 pallets per day, the Turbopack is the alternative to Ripack shrink guns and a very expensive automatic line.

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The Turbopack is a heating column embedded on a trolley that is easily moved thanks to its swivel wheel system. This allows the operator to retract anywhere in the shipping area, avoiding the movement of unstable loads.

More efficiency thanks to its power and speed of execution

Its unique design allows a push of the hot air flow for efficiency even on thick films. 50 seconds are enough to retract a pallet (Euro type) regardless of the height (high limit at 3.2 m).

Closing the barrier valve to fix the height to be retracted is the only adjustment to be made. Adapting to the load to be retracted is therefore simple and fast. No need for programming, tedious handling or complex maintenance.

Economical and flexible for unrivalled value for money

The Turbopack can carry up to 3 gas cylinders (13 kg). With more than 60 pallets retracted per bottle, autonomy and low consumption are real assets for your retraction station.

There is no limitation on the length or width of the load (unlike frames or ovens) and up to 3.20 m high. This is a real argument for very long pallets and the retraction of pallets of different sizes. In addition, a visor option is available for models from 1.6 to 2.4m.

MORE POWER – safely with this mobile retraction system

A safety device prevents unwanted ignition by blocking the ignition handle. A 2-step ignition procedure secures the retraction station.

The design of the control handle allows automatic shutdown of the gas supply in case of relaxation of the control handle.


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