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For nearly 100 years, Ripack has been breaking new ground to improve the performance of its range of products and offer the best possible service. SEFMAT draws its core values of innovation, compliance, agility and international development from this heritage.

These values, shared by KB Packaging, ensure you are provided with exclusive support with everything from wrapping a pallet to protecting a building using shrink-wrap.

Ripack 3000

World leader in retraction gun

Innovating every day to improve the quality and safety of its products, Ripack develops the manual retraction solutions of tomorrow. Become a customer or partner and share the values of the world leader in shrink guns.

Discover our range in detail and compose your tailor-made solution. From the retraction gun to the cover welder, Ripack offers the richest range of manual retraction tools on the market.

Drawing conclusions from nearly 40 years of experience, Ripack innovates every day to provide you with high quality products. Safety being at the heart of our thinking, the Ripack range is the most suitable answer to a need for professional packaging materials.

Ripack – 2100

To get started in the world of shrinkage or for low pallet retraction rates, the Ripack 2100 is a quality, reliable and secure tool on a low budget. Its fixed power at 40 kW makes it very easy to use and suitable for shrinking films up to 150 microns.

Ripack – 2500

For regular shrink wrapping needs, the Ripack 2500 is the ideal tool for protecting your pallets. With adjustable power, it will adapt to the thickness of your films. Compact and lightweight, the Ripack 2500 is equipped with “cold nozzle” technology to ensure unparalleled safety.

Ripack 3000
Ripack – 3000

Suitable for all your packaging work, the Ripack 3000 is the most flexible retraction gun in our range. With a modular power, it is suitable for intensive use and has been designed to receive our extension system. It is used everywhere, and is easy to handle. 

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